Rachel sits with her son John near the primary school where she sells biscuits, cornflakes, and other snacks. She explains how she meet her husband, talks about their life together, and explains how she started her business.

Rachel's Story

I first met my husband through one of my friends, Sister Olive. They were neighbors in the same compound and he knew that she was my friend. He would see me pass around town, but I didn’t know of him yet. One day he asked Sister Olive if she could introduce him and she agreed. She told me that a man, Margay, wanted to meet me. I agreed but had to wait since his big brother didn’t approve of us—I still don’t know why to this day. Somehow Margay convinced him and I finally met my man for the first time.

I immediately noticed that Margay was very handsome. He told me about his education and desire to be someone great. I wasn’t convinced because my last man ran away and left me with my first child, Theophilus. Margay agreed to raise him as his own, and in that instant I recognized his kindness and seriousness. I knew that he would be a good match for me so I secretly decided to marry him in that moment. I needed somebody to cool me down.

In the five months before getting married, we introduced each other to our families. They didn’t allow us to go on public dates even though we wanted to. We respected their wishes and only met privately. I had no problems with his family even though his father was a polygamist. My husband and I are born-again Christians so we believe in monogamy.

Margay and I married in April 2017 with the full support of both our families. I enjoy married life because my husband loves me very much. His parents never went to school but Margay believes in education. All his siblings either attend school or finished. I stopped school at junior secondary school three (JSS3). My husband wouldn’t agree if I returned to school, but I wouldn’t want to anyways since I enjoy being a housewife and raising my children. Even if I went back, the schoolchildren would bully me. I already know how to write and I enjoy reading the Bible. My man takes care of me no matter what.

One day Margay moved us to a new town because of a work transfer. We looked for a place to rent but we couldn’t find one. We finally met a woman named Christiana who offered to let us stay with her. She’s a nurse and my man is a prison officer so they’re out of the house during the day. I felt lonely and wanted to do something on my own. I asked my man for extra market money to buy products and sell them for a profit. That’s how my small business started. Now my baby son John goes on my back and we sell around town together. The work gets me out of the house and I’m happy.

I want to tell people to marry before they have children. It makes life easier. I also want to remind women that men are wicked. Look at me. A man made me pregnant then ran away. On second thought, maybe some men are okay.