Fatmata owns a business on the main road of her town. The eatery sits just outside of her uncle’s shop and serves up archeke, bean salad, potato salad, and yams—all with a choice of chicken or fish. Archeke is a mix of spaghetti, couscous, lettuce, plantains, and cucumbers with mayonnaise and ketchup on top. She sits down across from customers and watches them enjoy her food, then she talks a little bit about herself.

Fatmata's Story

I left halfway through senior secondary school to work on my own. I started my restaurant business next to my uncle’s shop and I keep all of the money I make. I want good things in my life. For my business to be more successful and for a kind-hearted man to marry me. Then I can buy more mayonnaise, ketchup, and eggs for my business! I decided not to sit the West African Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE). However, I’m interested in continuing my education at some point, even if it means taking extra classes at the nearby town library. 

Fatmata poses with a print of her portrait